• CCT Celebrates 26 Years!

    2016 marks the 26th anniversary of CCT! We are proud of our growth and the work that we do and look forward to many more years of meeting the needs of people with disabilities.
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    2015 Benes Served
  • Read why attorneys and other professionals recommend CCT.

    "I would like to recommend CCT wholeheartedly for those seeking safe and cost effective trust services." - Stephen W. Bricker, Attorney with Bricker and Herring
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  • CCT Charitable Fund Award Program

    The CCT Board of Directors proudly sponsors the annual Charitable Fund Award program that has awarded $290,801 in grants for children and adults with a disability over the last eight years.
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A National Nonprofit Organization That Has Served Over 1,300 Beneficiaries

26 Years of Trust Administration Experience

What is a pooled special needs trust?

Learn how a pooled special needs trust works.

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ALBE Accounts and Pooled Special Needs Trusts

See our comparison of Pooled Special Needs Trust with ABLE Accounts.

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For Families: How much do I allocate to a special needs trust for my loved one?

See our resources that can be helpful in determining how much to allocate to a special needs trust.

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