• CCT Celebrates an Important Milestone!

    At the end of 2013, CCT celebrated an important milestone of serving over 1000 Beneficiaries since inception. The CCT staff is committed to meeting the needs of our clients by providing professional and personalized customer service. We are so proud of our growth and the work that we do!
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  • Our Mission

    To provide people with disabilities and their families a convenient, cost-effective framework for the administration of both Third-Party and Self-Funded Special Needs Trusts.
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  • Client Testimonial

    "Thank you for your assistance with the trust fund for the past several years. I have been delighted with the level of customer service that I have received and the very personal attention that you have given to each transaction."
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  • Professional Testimonial

    "I would like to recommend CCT wholeheartedly for those seeking safe and cost effective trust services. CCT is particularly appropriate to protect clients who have a need to maintain Medicaid and other income dependent benefits."
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A National Nonprofit Organization That Has Served Over 1100 Clients

Our purpose is to give you peace of mind.

What is a Trust?

A trust is an arrangement by which a person makes a financial gift to a Trustee to be used for the benefit of the Beneficiary.

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Third-Party Special Needs Trust (SNT)

A trust that is funded by a third party, usually a close family member.

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Self-Funded Pooled Disability Trust (PDT)

A trust that is self-funded by the individual with a disability.

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Charitable Fund Award

CCT is proud to announce that our 2015 Charitable Fund Award program is now accepting applications. This program awards funds for equipment, medication, or services to individuals with disabilities who meet the program criteria.

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