Thank you for attending our special needs planning webinar.

9/27/2016 Webinar:
Effective Tools and Strategies When Planning for an Individual with Special Needs.

With Special Needs Planning Experts:

Shawn Majette, who directs the elder law section of ThompsonMcMullan, a Richmond, VA law firm, and practices in the areas of elder law, disability planning, and estate planning and administration.

Mark Friese, CRPC®, Senior Vice President-Wealth Management, Wealth Management Advisor, and Portfolio Manager with Merrill Lynch and a member of the Merrill Lynch Special Needs Council, which helps families assess and address the financial challenges of caring for a family member with special needs.

Joanne Marcus, MSW, Executive Director of Commonwealth Community Trust, a leading national nonprofit organization that administers pooled special needs trusts.

The following materials and links are available from the webinar:

Civil Commitment and Judicial Consent to Treatment (INCLUDING FORMS); Elder Law Resources, Statutes and Assorted Legal Links; Guardianship; SSA and SSI

Medicaid; Mental Health; Guardianship; A Few Words About Making Medical Decisions For Someone Else (Behavioral Health) (2016); Reverse Mortgages (Annual Legal Aid Conference) (2014); Virginia Surrogate Medical Consent (2014); Checklist for Directives (Virginia State Bar); Standard Advance Medical Directive (Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association Form); Psychiatric “Protest” Advance Directive (Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association Form)

Special Needs Planning Workbook; The ABLE Act Information: Webinar; Special Needs Planning Timeline; Letter of Intent Information; Securing Benefits Toolkit; Special Needs Planning Calculator (to be used for estimating future income needs):

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