Fee Schedule

Note: When establishing a trust with CCT, the Fee Schedule must be signed and included with the Joinder Agreement. Click here for a printable version of the Military Survivor Benefit Plan Pooled Special Needs Trust Fee Schedule.

Commonwealth Community Trust (CCT) is a nonprofit organization whose expenses for administration are met through fees. The Trust Company of Virginia (TCVA) has fiduciary responsibility for both managing and investing the funds.

Funding Information

  • The funds are pooled for investment purposes and a record is maintained for each Beneficiary’s sub- account. Financial statements are available to the Advocate(s).
  • Neither CCT nor TCVA can guarantee returns or rates of income on invested funds.
  • Services are intended to be inclusive, but separate and additional charges may be imposed for special or extraordinary services. Some examples are special investment management situations, court accountings, attorney fees, and case management services.
  • CCT and TCVA reserve the right to change the fees.
  • CCT’s Consultation Fee and TCVA’s Investment & Management Fee are based on the current balance of each Beneficiary’s sub-account.

Enrollment Fees

  • CCT Fee – $850, make check payable to Commonwealth Community Trust. If necessary, an installment plan can be arranged by contacting CCT.
  • CCT Account Deposit$10, to activate the sub-account until funded with Survivor Benefit Plan annuity payments.
  • TCVA Fee – $300, one-time fee applied when the first annuity payment is received.

Ongoing Fees for Unfunded Sub-Accounts

  • An Annual Renewal Fee – $75 billed after the first year and until the trust is funded.

Funding Deposit Check

  • Make check payable to TCVA, trustee for CCT, fbo (Beneficiary Name), for deposits into the Beneficiary’s sub-account. Checks can be received at any time.
  • Direct deposits can be arranged – contact CCT for more information.

Ongoing Fees Deducted from the Funded Sub-Account

  • CCT Consultation Fee – 0.50% per year, prorated on a monthly basis.
  • TCVA Investment and Management Fee – averages 0.34% per year, prorated on a monthly basis.
  • TCVA Annual Recordkeeping Fee – $200 per year, prorated on a quarterly basis.

Termination Fees

  • CCT Termination Fee – $500, when the Beneficiary passes away or the Trustee is changed.

Additional Information

In accordance with The Disabled Military Child Protection Act: a special needs trust funded by a Survivor Benefit Plan annuity must be an irrevocable first-party special needs trust, meaning that upon the death of the Beneficiary, any funds remaining in the sub-account, after payment of trust administrative fees are subject to Medicaid payback as required by law and the terms of the CCT Master Trust Agreement.

Click here for a printable version of the Military Survivor Benefit Plan Pooled Special Needs Trust Fee Schedule.

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