12.3.13 | Did you know that a special needs trust can pay for…Dental Services?

Once a special needs trust has been established, funds from the trust can be used for the benefit of the Beneficiary in a number of ways.   Today, we draw attention to using the trust to pay for dental services.   According to research published in The Journal of American Dental Association, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are at greater risk of periodontal diseases and other dental issues than the general population.   The ability to implement daily oral hygiene practices for an individual with a disability can be a challenge.  However, oral care has been shown to directly relate to a person’s overall well-being and therefore the importance of proper dental care  is applicable to all individuals.  For Beneficiaries with a special needs trust, expenses relating to dental care and services can, in most cases, be paid for by their trust.  For more information about how disbursements work, please click here or Contact CCT.

We believe everyone deserves to show off their great smile!  Contact your local dentist for more information on establishing good oral care habits.