About CCT’s Charitable Fund Award

The application period for the 2018 award cycle
will be from January 11 to February 28, 2018.

Over the last nine years, the Charitable Fund Award (CFA) has provided $368,682 in grants for children and adults with special needs.  Established in 2009 to support CCT’s mission of helping people with special needs improve their quality of life, this grant program offers assistance with the purchase of equipment, medication or services to Virginia residents who demonstrate a financial need.

From new smiles and health improvements to new communication capabilities and safer accessibility, the Charitable Fund Award has made a difference in the lives of its recipients.

Since CCT has funded her an iPad, she can extend her learning and listen to stories being read to her. She can use the app to express herself more clearly, and be able to let someone know of her needs, just by tapping a button.” – Mother of CFA Award Recipient

The joy I saw on [her] face when she sat in her chair for the first time was priceless.” – Children’s Support Coordinator for a CFA Award Recipient

“With this grant, she will be able to travel safely about in her community!” – Angela Nicosia, Middle Peninsula Northern Neck Community Services Board

CFA_Picture3“For the past 15 years, I haven’t been able to see correctly….all of this changed recently when I was awarded [a CFA grant] through CCT for an eye exam and glasses. I can’t tell you now excited I am about my new transitional lenses and how stylish I look wearing them. Thanks, CCT, for giving my sight back.” – CFA Award Recipient

“I am very grateful to have been awarded the grant for my restoration work and promise to brush and floss daily to keep my teeth healthy. Thank you!” – CFA Award Recipient

9 wandaafter for CCT Charitable Fund Award

“He’ll be able to communicate in the community without having me to prompt him and translate for him. He’ll have that level of independence that I have always wanted for him.” – Mother of CFA Award Recipient

“Audrey’s life will be positively impacted in so many ways by your gift.  I hope you can imagine the freedom she will feel because of your gift.” – Nita Starr, Annual Fund Director, Greater Richmond ARC on behalf of CCT Charitable Award Recipient

“Now she is smiling as big as ever!” – Group Home Manager on behalf of a CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient

2017 Charitable Fund Award

In 2017, award funds totaling $77,782.30 were granted to 110 individuals, whose applications were submitted on their behalf by 46 nonprofit organizations and public service agencies. The maximum amount for a 2017 CFA award per individual was $1,000. The following chart illustrates how the 2017 award funds were allocated:

In terms of the types of awards funded, the breakdown is as follow:

  • 43 for equipment
  • 32 for dental services
  • 19 for technology
  • 6 for services
  • 7 for camps, classes or gym memberships
  • 3 for medication



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