4.21.16 | Pro-BrentVenDeysen

“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for Commonwealth Community Trust, its executive director, Joanne Marcus, and her expert staff.  Over the past five years, I have worked with CCT on numerous occasions to help clients with special needs establish first party pooled special needs trusts.  This type of arrangement is often necessary when a client who is eligible for SSI and/or Medicaid receives a cash personal injury award.  I have also worked with CCT on numerous occasions to help parents develop an estate plan for the benefit of their children who have special needs.  Establishing a third party pooled special needs trust in such a situation can allow a child receiving SSI and/or Medicaid to benefit from a cash inheritance without placing their governmental benefits eligibility in jeopardy.  Joanne Marcus and her staff are very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of benefit eligibility and the complicated rules associated with the administration of pooled special needs trusts.  I am very pleased to have discovered CCT and I look forward to working with CCT again in the future.”