What must be reported to government agencies for SSI and Medicaid recipients by the Beneficiary or his/her representative?

It is the responsibility of the Beneficiary or his/her representative to report the following:

  • A change in the Beneficiary’s living arrangement.
  • A change in the Beneficiary’s income (including the receipt of any direct income from the trust, but not distributions that are “not income”).
  • A change in any countable resources.
  • New eligibility for other public benefits.
  • Substantial medical improvements that may result in the Beneficiary no longer being considered disabled.
  • A change in the Beneficiary’s marital status.
  • Admission to or discharge from any health facility or public facility, such as a hospital or nursing home.
  • Any intended trip outside the United States.

The report should be in writing to the Social Security Administration and include the Beneficiary’s name and Social Security number, the name of the person making the report, and a description of the event reported and the date it happened.  The report is due within 10 days after the end of the month in which the event occurred.