What are the fees to establish the Third-Party Pooled Special Needs Trust?

There is a one-time Enrollment Fee that is due at the time the Joinder Agreement is completed, signed in front of a Notary and received by CCT.

If a Grantor does not submit a completed Joinder Agreement and Enrollment Fee prior to passing away, the Enrollment Fee is assessed at three times the current Enrollment Fee.  Trusts that are established in this manner are much more complex to administer due to the lack of information about the Beneficiary and the Grantor’s intentions for the trust.

For SNTs that will not be funded immediately, there is an Annual Renewal Fee.  This fee is assessed annually until the trust is funded.

Once the trust is funded, there are ongoing administrative fees and the Annual Renewal Fee is no longer billed.

(See Third-Party Pooled Special Needs Trust Fee Schedule for current fees and additional details.)