Process of Joining

The following documents and payments are required for enrollment in the Military Survivor Benefit Plan Pooled Special Needs Trust:

  1. Joinder Agreement – Completed and signed by Grantor(s) in front of a notary.
  2. Fee Schedule – Signed by the Grantor(s).
  3. Check for $850.00 for the Enrollment Fee made payable to Commonwealth Community Trust.
  4. Check for $10.00 for Account Deposit made payable to Commonwealth Community Trust.
  5. Copy of the Beneficiary’s Social Security card, if available.

Please send the above to:
Commonwealth Community Trust
P.O. Box 29408
Richmond, VA 23242-0408

Upon receipt, CCT will mail a copy of the executed Joinder Agreement and the Special Needs Trust Certification form provided by CCT to the Grantor for the trust and the attorney (if applicable). Once you have these documents from CCT, see the final steps required to make or change a Survivor Benefit Plan election with the Military: Final Step to Take.

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