Past CFA Award Recipients

Read how CCT’s Charitable Fund Award has made a difference in the lives of our past award recipients.

CFA_Picture3Audrey’s life will be positively impacted in so many ways by your gift. She will no longer live in fear that her brakes will fail or her seat will fall off. I hope you can imagine the freedom she will feel because of your gift.

Nita Starr, Annual Fund Director
Greater Richmond ARC
On behalf of CCT Charitable Award Recipient

“For the past 15 years, I haven’t been able to see correctly. I couldn’t see properly because I could not afford to see the doctor to obtain an eye exam and glasses. My Medicaid didn’t cover this service and as an individual with intellectual disabilities , I did not have any means to get medical services or glasses outside of Medicaid. All of this changed recently when I was awarded $400.00 through CCT for an eye exam and glasses. I can’t tell you now excited I am about my new transitional lenses and how stylish I look wearing them. Thanks CCT for giving my sight back.” CFA Award Recipient

“Jasmine loves using her teacher’s iPad for different communication and hard-of-hearing applications. Due to various reasons, Jasmine was unable to get an iPad on her own. Since CCT has funded her an iPad, she can extend her learning and listen to stories being read to her. She can use the app to express herself more clearly, and be able to let someone know of her needs, just by tapping a button. Jasmine’s favorite applications from ‘Conover Company’ are Communication, Social Skills, Safety Skills and Work Skills.” – Lisa Ratliff, Mother of CFA Recipient

“Because of your compassion, our community is stronger.”Nita Starr, Annual Fund Director, The Greater Richmond ARC

“I just love my new lift chair! The world needs a lot more people who are as thoughtful as you – Thank you for your kindness.” – CFA Award Recipient

“Thanks so much for the grant. I really do appreciate it…I’ve very grateful for this” – CFA Award Recipient

“It has been rough year for us! Besides caring for my twins with autism, I’ve had to help care for my mother-in-law who recently lost her three year battle with ALS. And to top it off, my husband’s position and his entire finance department was outsource and he lost his job. We’ve been blessed that I’ve been able to say home and volunteer at my twin’s former elementary and middle schools, and current high school by choice. We’ve never heeded additional  help even though we basically live paycheck to paycheck. It was tough to ask, but unfortunately necessary! The grants made it possible for my twins to continue their bio-medical supplements which makes their and our lives a little easier ! Thank you so much!” – Mother of Two CFA Award Recipients

“I am a support coordinator for MPNN-CSB in Gloucester, Virginia. I hvae an idividual on my case load that is 5 years old and has austim. He is a rumme rand it was vital that he get Project Life Saver for his safety and his family’s peace of mind. This grant is allowing that for the family!” – Angela Nicosia, Middle Peninsula Northern Neck Community Services Board

“Hello. I am a 24-year old female who suffers from intellectual disabilities as well as many other disordrs. I live in an adult group one. My financial funds are very limited. I have not family. I am very grateful to have been awarded the grant for my retoration work adn promise to brush and floss daily to hkeep my teeth healthy. Thank you!” CFA Award Recipient

“DPCS is very grateful for this support from Commonwealth Community Trust, which will improve the quality of life of individuals in our area who are affected by intellectual disability. The Intellectual Disability Case Managers are extremely pleased with the opportunities this funding affords individuals they serve, and will plan to apply again in the future.”James F. Bebeau, LPC, Executive Director for Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services, Danville, VA

“The funds have been used towards therapy equipment that have already shown signs of core strength.” – Mother of CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient

“Through grant opportunities made available by the Commonwealth Community Trust, you’re fostering greater independence of our citizens of the Commonwealth who have a significant disability.”Leigh Wion, Program Administrator, The Bridge Line, Charlottesville, VA

“It’s often hard to find meaningful activities for my daughter that allow inclusion, foster independence, and help improve self-confidence. The program gives my daughter the chance to learn a skill in an atmosphere of non-judgment. Riding a horse means so much to her. When I ask her how she feels about riding she tells me ‘I feel happy.’ Three words that mean so very much. Thank you for the scholarship!
Parent of CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient, Clifton, VA

“Two years ago, I had all my teeth removed due to gum disease. I already have a mood disorder and not having teeth has definitely not helped with that. I never smiled and was self-conscious. I was not able to eat well. This has impacted my self-esteem and contributed to my depression. Because of your award, I now smile again, my self-esteem and mood is boosted, and I can eat healthier. Thank you so much as it would not have been possible without the CCT Charitable Fund Award.”


Wanda W., Harrisonburg, VA
CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient

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Matthew SchierlohThanks to this grant, we can pay for speech therapy for him, and he started to produce some sounds. Thank you very much.” – Wanda Schierloh, Parent of CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient, Arlington, VA

“We are so blessed and excited to have received this funding to purchase a generator. He has many medical needs that are assisted by electric equipment, and storms have always posed a serious threat to this health because of power outages. Not anymore! Thank you! We are now ready for the next hurricane season, without fear!” .”Parent of a CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient, Topping, VA

“Because of your generous grant of $1000, [our client] will receive the repairs necessary to keep his wheelchair in working order. He has been unable to afford these repairs until now and is very grateful for your investment in his well-being. He tells me that he is excited about having his ‘wheels’ repaired! Please receive my heartfelt gratitude for your compassion and kindheartedness for our friend…you can be sure that your goodness will have a positive impact on his life. Your goodness towards this client and many others with developmental disabilities touches me. Thank you again for reaching out to our friends who live with disabilities.”Nita Starr, Annual Fund Director for The Greater Richmond ARC, Richmond, VA

“DPCS is very grateful for this support from Commonwealth Community Trust, which will improve the quality of life of individuals in our area who are affected by intellectual disability. The Intellectual Disability Case Managers are extremely pleased with the opportunities this funding affords individuals they serve, and will plan to apply again in the future.” James f. Bebeau, LPC, Executive Director for Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services, Danville, VA

“I have gratefully received my award letter and check designated for the dental provider. Now I may proceed with my much-needed dental work. I have been declared permanently disabled with spinal cord injury, internal injuries and mobility issues. For nine years, I have had the opportunity to embrace and wrap myself around dramatic change. I have chosen to learn to mature, remain optimistic and balance pragmatic, practical implementations to modify my life. Also, I recognize the need to incorporate creative skills of self-healthcare techniques. Again CCT…my sincerest thank you for the most generous gift! It is relevant to receive proper dental care to avoid additional health complication in the future.” Elizabeth, Alexandria, VA, CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient

“Thank for the grant! The funds have been used towards therapy equipment that have already shown signs of core strength. Thank you, it has been a tremendous blessing for our family to see this enhancement of [our son’s] life.” Heather, Arlington, VA Mother of CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient

“The Charitable Fund Award program has afforded me the opportunity to receive services from a certified orthotist which will measure, fit and provide corrective footwear for individuals that also require the use of AFO’s (ankle foot orthotics). These are services that state Medicaid programs often deny, therefore caregivers must seek other sources. These services are quite expensive for adults. AFO and corrective footwear often need adjustments and these funds will help cover these services as well.” Jerrod, Lynchburg, VA, CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient

“In May, Junior received a grant in the amount of $1,000 from CCT to assist him with covering his dental expenses. On May 13th, June 2nd, and July 14th, 2015, Junior was seen by Dr. Wendy Moore to restore his teeth. As of July 14th, Junior did not need any more restorative work. After his appointment, Junior was very pleased with his appointment. Junior is grateful to CCT for providing financial assistance to help cover his dental needs.” Submitted on behalf of Junior, a CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient

“Kevin Pierce applied for CCT funding for new arm splints as his old ones were no longer effective at protecting him from his SIB’s. Kevin has SIB’s of hitting the side of his cheek/head throughout the day. Kevin often had marks/bumps on the side of his cheek/head from repeated hitting. Kevin was awarded CCT funding for new arm splints. Kevin received two new arm splints and uses them daily. The splints prevent Kevin from hitting his cheek/head with his hand. Kevin’s mother and day support staff report that Kevin’s splints are working well to protect from his SIB’s behavior. Although Kevin still goes through the motion of moving his hand to his head, the splints are preventing injury. Kevin’s Support Coordinator has noticed less marks on Kevin’s cheek and head that were often present from repeated SIB’s in those areas.” Nicole Coryell, Support Coordinator, Rappahannock Area Community Services Board on behalf of CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient

I have been fighting with the insurance company and with Medicaid to get this for my son for years now but they always deny it. When I heard that the grant was awarded, I screamed with joy and then cried. I’m still crying but with joy! 🙂 You and your organization have taken a huge weight off of me and have blessed my son in immeasurable ways! I can’t wait for him to start using it in his mainstream classes and communicating what he knows! He can only continue to soar from here and y’all helped make that possible. He’ll be able to communicate in the community without having me to prompt him and translate for him. He’ll have that level of independence that I have always wanted for him and he will finally have.” – Kristie Young, Parent of CCT Charitable Fund Award Recipient

“My name is Cody. My friends call me ‘C. C.’ I came to America from Cambodia in the 1980s. I lost most of my eyesight when I lived in Chicago when I was a teenager. The doctors thought it might have been caused by an infection that I contracted in a refugee camp. My family eventually moved to Virginia, where I graduated from Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind in 1992. Later, I moved to Roanoke. I now live with another visually-impaired friend. A friend gave me a used computer. I was able to attend computer classes, free, and taught by Irene Peterson, instructor, at the Voice of the Blue Ridge. My hope and dream was to one day own an Apple laptop computer, so I could take it anywhere. My only income is SSI, so I didn’t think that my hopes would come true. My teacher, Irene Peterson, told me about the Commonwealth Community Trust’s grant program and helped me apply for a grant. I was fortunate to receive a $1,000 grant and immediately went to Audiotronic store and got my Apple laptop computer, a Macbook Air! At first, it was very different and difficult, not like my old desktop Windows XP computer. The “voice-over” helps me read newspapers and magazines. I listen to radios from internet radio and iTunes, stories and educational programs, and other pod-casts. I can get programs from Cambodia and other countries. My teacher always helps me whenever I need help. My laptop is easy to recharge and has a long battery life, so I can take it everywhere I go. Using my new computer has enriched my life in so many ways. Getting this grant has made many of my dreams come true. I am so thankful for the help I have received.” – Cody C., Roanoke, VA, CFA Award Recipient

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