Why Choose CCT

Commonwealth Community Trust (CCT)

For-Profit Institutions

$5,000 minimum amount required to participate. Banks or investment firms usually require a minimum of $250,000.
Funds are pooled to keep administrative fees low and to increase investment opportunities. Administrative fees are typically higher.
CCT staff is up to date on the ever-changing rules governing SSI and Medicaid for trust administration. May not be aware of changes in SSI and Medicaid regulations.
CCT staff and Board of Directors are sensitive to the needs of people with special needs and their families and will always keep the best interests of the Beneficiary in mind. May not have an understanding of the challenges faced by people with special needs and their family members.
CCT was founded as a nonprofit organization that will continue in perpetuity. May not always be available; the institution may be sold or the individual Trustee pass away, move or not fulfill his or her role adequately thereby jeopardizing the Beneficiary’s benefits.
CCT provides the Grantor with the opportunity to share information about the Beneficiary and to communicate a vision for the trust. May not request information.
CCT staff processes disbursements within two weeks of receiving the request and ensures that funds are disbursed for the sole benefit of the Beneficiary. May not have experienced staff whose sole responsibility is administering disbursements and making sure they do not jeopardize the Beneficiary’s public benefits.

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